As Chinese Metaphysics are taking up center stage in the current technology and socio-economic boom, the old aged traditional practices had taken another metamorphoses, which among other demonstrated the followings: -
  1. Lack of Professional Ethics
  2. Which is the results of the absent of Accreditation of this field of practice
We take the path less traveled by seeking our clients to: -
  1. Validate our results with tangible commitments through feed-backs
  2. We validate our approach with time tested results through specific warranty
At FengShui QuanYuan, we identify ourselves as :-
  1. Chinese Metaphysics Practitioners in the field of FengShui, BaZi, Date Selection and Divination.
  2. Where spiritual guidance are called for we had our associated Daoist Practitioners to assist in whatever circumstances which dealt with the paranormal.
  3. Last but not the least, we also provide Nutritional Traditional Services for the maintenance of the body well being
Annexed to such, it is also within our responsibility to :-
  1. Educate the masses of the true Chinese Metaphysics Practices
  2. Eradicate false practices, where possible
We join the callings of the other FengShui families practitioners to: -
  1. Serving businesses and end-users of Chinese Metaphysics with ethics and integrity
  2. Promoting proper and effective dispensary of Chinese Metaphysics
  3. Providing services through validated result orientation
  4. Improving people’s perception of Chinese Metaphysics
  5. Cultivate liked minded practitioners for the betterment of the industry
  6. Cultivate awareness of the traditional Chinese 5 Arts
  7. Cultivate the culture of research and development in line with the principles of the lineages of the other FengShui families
  8. Deliverance through the path of Dao
We believed that we are not alone in this path and seek others to join in our noble venture as the following ways: -

YINYANG - These are not the opposites, contradicting Dao, but the 2 slices of the same essence of existence. For every Yin there is Yang and every Yang there is Yin

5 ELEMENTS - These are not elemental matter liked rock or water but processes or transformation of Qi from one phase to another.

YinYang is the Body, 5 elements are the Applications.

These applications are further mapped out in the sequence of Heaven, Man and Earth, trinity.

These are our ways...
To realize these, we approach every scenario as the followings: -

FengShui QuanYuan commits to provide a total pragmatic solutions based on the notion of:

Dialogue - Knowing your parameter and expectations. Expectations usually center around the aspects of Sales Target, Conceive of Child, Academic Improvement, Health Improvement and Increase in Income and Opportunity of closing a deal or meeting a Nobleman. Parameters usually center around your capacity based on Heaven Luck. This is identifiable through BaZi consultation for a minimum of 2 person. Our expectation is a throughout commitment, sincerity and trust from you, being the beneficiary of the entire exercise. For such, we would require factual information such as birth date and time and the exact location of the property in question.

Do - Once we understand your parameter and expectation, we would carry out the following field works in the following phases: -
1. Preliminary Audit - Comprehensive FengShui investigation on the Site.
2. Recommendation - Comprehensive written report suggesting our recommendations.
3. Setting Out - Follow up consultation, we would set out on site all necessary alignments.
4. Completion - Recheck of measurement on site and providing date selection for activation.

Our Professional Fee shall be disbursed in accordance to these above prescribed phases accordingly. 

For more information on our rationale of Fee structure please read HERE

Document - Once completed, we shall undertake post implementation, at the duration of 3 months to 6th months,  which is absolutely complementary on our sides.

Should you need further inquiry, please contact us for further information.


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