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MBS-FengShui Reinvestigated
Osama Hideout FengShui
Wealth Enhancement - Penang Observation

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MBS - FengShui Reinvestigated

QuanYuan's FengShui Newsletter is out again!

Synopsis: -

The entire urban planning of MBS together with the marina has been engineered to maximize Qi containment within the context of the island state. Flying Star does not work in this scale while real landform became the primary tool. The carving of the marina, the location of MBS with its monolithic forms, the Singapore Flyer, the Arts and Science center, the connection highways are all carefully positioned in response to natural landforms and hills within the vicinity. The interior layout has been crafted, as believed, not by a single practitioner as there are too many conflicting methodologies applied while some works, others don’t. One thing for sure, water methods applied wrongly will bring about negative results. 

Saying thus, there is also the possibility of other forms of FengShui installed

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Osama Hideout FengShui

Another Informative Write Up about FengShui ... Now, it is about OSAMA...

A Summary...

"... Liked everything Chinese, it is very easy to assume that the triangle shape is liked a knife, a blade and so on so forth. It is rather easy to mislead others by anointing such form as killing Qi, which is actually not. Its fundamental truth is within is ability to contain and to stabilize Qi."

"... It is paramount important to understand that 7 star arrive at the center does not necessary means robberies, bloodshed, complications, terrorism and so forth if the other components do not arrive at the same time. It is paranoia and irresponsible to blame everything to the annual 7, as it is only one component and not the absolute truth. The 7 star is only a seed; it needs a combination to take effect."

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Wealth Enhancement with Good FengShui from FengShui QuanYuan Observations of Penang

We proud to bring to you our investigations into some case studies from Penang of FengShui interest where some commercial premises are deemed to be successful while the other doesn't. There must be some hidden reasons behind it. From the eye-witnessed account, we are able to add more layers into the otherwise basic exploration of FengShui contains within the many literature currently available. 

As a New Year gesture, we compiled our findings and make it available as an E-Book for free distributions. It is only made available to our fans of Facebook, followers of Yifengshui blog and generous donors.

Let us know if you are interested and met the above said criteria. If you are accustomed to Penang and with some FengShui knowledge, it will even make your reading of the E-Book pleasurable. 

Saying thus, we are giving some hints as to what is contained within the freebies: -

e-Gate Fengshui

The underlying strength is its good crowd of people dining and shopping for designated items. Is it XKDG YiGua ChunQing, or Singular Pure Gua Formation of the XuanKong DaGua structure? There is no main door; no tilted door and best of all, the entrance and the exit are one straight continues flow. Where is the mountain matching dragon, facing matching water formation? No water features with one straight road facing the Jelutong Highway. Speaking about facing highway, is it another form of fighting SanSha?...

Blue Mansion - Revisited

FengSway is wind and water, so with the air well it allows wind and water to come into the house to bring in the purest form of water called sky juice, another name for rain. So, we now know that rain is Sway. The courtyard acts as a container of Chee. The Chinese believes that wealth can be accumulated and be spending wisely, so the outflow of Chee or Sway from the container has been designed for. Because of such, the Chee is very auspicious! People who stay in the mansion will able to collect this auspicious Chee and prosper!”...

Brand New World

While having lunch in New World Penang, Both café is serving coffee as their main menu. In terms of class, SB is superior compared to OT. we came across 2 café situated at the entrance of New World Penang. One called SB (international brand) whiles the other called OT (local brand). However, the crowds are more attracted to OT then to SB....

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